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Share / follow icons

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Share & Follow Icons

Beautiful Share and Follow Icons that you can insert anywhere with the Page Builder.

[/text_box] [/ux_banner] [section bg_color=”rgb(255, 255, 255)”] [row] [col span__sm=”12″] [title text=”Share icons”] [share] [title text=”Follow icons”] [title text=”Follow icons Fill”] [title text=”Follow icons small”] [title style=”center” text=”Follow icons Larger” size=”undefined”] [title style=”center” text=”Follow Icons Larger Fill” size=”undefined”] [title style=”center” text=”Follow Icons Large” size=”undefined”] [/col] [/row] [/section] [section bg_color=”rgb(48, 48, 48)” dark=”true”] [title style=”center” text=”Follow icons dark” size=”undefined”] [gap height=”11px”] [/section]